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An output is a WinScript Live resource tied to a physical hardware output. Some controllers have user programmable outputs located on the controller's rear connectors. For example, the V16X has 16 outputs. More outputs can be added using remote devices.

Outputs are displayed in a pre-populated grid view based on the selected device.


An output name can be any valid resource name. The name is typically used with events such as: On, Off, Toggle, Pulse, and Blink. Outputs may also act as boolean variables.

Init State 'On'

This setting tells the script whether to turn the output on (high) or off (low) when it loads.

The init state is only applied when the script loads. This means if a remote IO device is not ready to receive commands when the controller loads the script, it may never set the output to the init state.

Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP is a standard protocol used for many IO device modules. More information is found here.