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Congratulations on your shiny new Alcorn McBride RideAmp!

Our RideAmp family of products has been designed to provide rugged, flexible, and powerful audio amplifier solutions that are purpose-built for on-board audio applications such as coasters, dark ride vehicles, and parade floats.

For a lack of better options, these applications are often forced to use commercial grade amplifiers that were designed for automotive or marine applications. There are many unfortunate drawbacks to this approach such as:

  1. Consumer-grade Interconnects - Unbalanced analog RCA inputs.
  2. Vibration-sensitive Design – No protective coating and no vibration protection for electronic components.
  3. No Intelligence – No ability to remotely monitor amplifier health, power status, temperature, etc.

RideAmp changes the game by providing a platform that was designed specifically for this niche application. This product is a rugged solid-state solution that’s designed to endure the high-vibration environments frequently encountered within ride vehicles.
We’ve taken steps like reducing high-mass electronic components, conformal coating circuit boards, and adding protection to larger components to make it an extremely durable design.

All interconnects offer professional inputs and outputs that are better suited for this type of environment. Captive Molex connectors with gold-plated pins provide reliable connections for power and speakers. M12 connectors offer mechanically secure network connections that provide an all-digital signal path for network audio and reliable access to control/status information.

When one or more RideAmp units are paired with an Alcorn McBride RidePlayer, you have a complete solution that offers perfectly synchronized audio, DSP, high-power amplification, and comprehensive status monitoring of the entire on-board audio system.

These products leverage over 37 years of experience in designing products specifically for themed entertainment applications. In true Alcorn McBride fashion, the solid-state and rugged design of these products will ensure years of 24/7 maintenance free operation which is essential to zero downtime for attractions. It is our mission to provide solutions that are suited for the unique demands of themed entertainment applications like theme park attractions, amusement parks, and museums.