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Media is a WinScript Live resource that describes audio or video content for use by playback events within a sequence.

Media is displayed in a grid view.


This is the name of the media as it will be found on the device. It does not have to match the optional local path.



A single video file such as those played by the A/V Binloop HD.

  • MPEG2 .mpg
  • MPEG-4/h.264 .mp4

Image Sequence

A series of image files such as those played by the BinloopX BX4KU and A/V Binloop Uncompressed (AVBU).

  • Digital Picture Exchange .dpx (BX4KU)
  • Targa .tga (AVBU)
  • AMT .amt (an AVBU advanced image format generated by Alcorn McBride's MediaFlow software)


A single audio file with support for 1 to 64 tracks/channels such as those played by the RidePlayer or BinloopX BX16A.

  • Wave PCM .wav

Frame Rate

Video files may specify a frame rate, which will be used to calculate start offset and end time within a timeline sequence.


The length of the media at the specified frame rate.

If no frame rate is specified then the internal clock frame rate is used.


Audio files may specify 1 to 64 tracks/channels per media file.

Local Path

An optional local path may be specified. This is populated automatically when the media is added from a local file, but may be changed manually at any time. WinScript Live will use this path when attempting to Send Media to a RidePlayer or BinloopX using the Connection Manager.

When media is added from a local file, the duration and number of tracks are filled automatically.