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Analog Inputs

An analog input is a WinScript Live resource tied to a physical hardware input. Analog inputs are added using remote devices.

Analog inputs are displayed in a pre-populated grid view based on the selected device.


An analog input name can be any valid resource name. This may act as a read-only decimal variable in expressions.

Min and Max

Set min and max to ensure the analog input value in the controller will never fall outside of a specific range.

These values are also used by the controller to perform Modbus Scaling.


Changes to the analog input value must exceed +/- this amount before the controller will store the new value and trigger a change.

Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP is a standard protocol used for many IO device modules. More information is found here.

Modbus Scaling

Some analog input devices scale their reported analog input data values to represent a percentage of the configured min and max value.