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Pre-roll is the precise time between when a command is dispatched and when it takes effect. This allows playback of sequences and media to be scheduled with extreme precision across a distributed network of Alcorn McBride SyncCore-enabled products.


Select Configuration -> Script from the menu to find the pre-roll configuration. It is located in the section labeled "Synchronization"

The default is 1 second, but can be adjusted up or down depending on how reliable your network is and how many devices are being controlled simultaneously.

How it works

During pre-roll, commands have adequate time to reach all devices over a network and prepare media content for playback at the scheduled time.

The example below illustrates how this concept is used to synchronize sequences between a V16X, a BinloopX, and a RidePlayer. At position (1) within the V16X sequence, commands are transmitted to both the RidePlayer and BinloopX. These commands schedule sequence playback to begin at position (2). The scheduled time is compared to a shared clock source (such as PTP, NTP, GPS, etc) which ensures playback starts precisely at the correct moment.