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Touch Panels

When your application requires touch panel support, our ShowTouch offer several software and hardware solutions. ShowTouch simply scans the network for Alcorn McBride devices, and is able to link to a specific device and panel that you have created within your WinScript project. It will then elegantly serve this touch panel interface within the attraction.

ShowTouch 7 (ST7)

This is a 7" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch 10 (ST10)

This is a 10" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch 17 (ST17)

This is a 17" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch for iOS

This is a ShowTouch app for Apple iOS based devices. This app can be downloaded from the Apple store here.

IO Expansion


Our AMIO expansion modules allow you to add remote ethernet-based IO to any installation. We offer this accessory in several pre-fabricated kits:

AMIO-64 32x 24VDC Inputs, 32x 24VDC Outputs
AMIO-32 16x 24VDC Inputs, 16x 24VDC Outputs
AMIO-16 8x 24VDC Inputs, 8x 24VDC Outputs
AMIO-8IN 8x 24VDC Inputs
AMIO-8OUT 8x 24VDC Outputs

Optional Parts

Development Kit


We offer this kit to enable users to quickly bench test or build mockups with RidePlayer units. This kit includes prefabricated cables for each of the connectors on the unit. It also includes a 24V/20A DIN Rail power supply to power up the unit.

We recommend that new users order at least one of these kits to get started with RidePlayer development. Since most on-board audio applications use highly customized cabling, this kit is probably not practical for wiring up an entire fleet of ride vehicles.

Connector Kit


This kit provides a full set of blank Molex connectors and pins for the majority of RidePlayer’s connectors. We offer this kit as a convenience to fabricators so that the individual parts don’t have to be researched and ordered. Unlike the Development Kit, the Connector Kit is intended to be used for fleet deployments. We recommend ordering a Connector Kit for each RidePlayer in the ride vehicle fleet.

M12 X-Coded Ethernet Cable

Part Number: CM12X-2M

This is an M12 X-Coded patch cable that allows RidePlayer to connect to an M12 X-Coded Ethernet switch. Our stock cable is 2 Meters (6.5ft) in length. For fleet deployments, we have the capability to manufacture cables to custom lengths to suit your application. Please contact us for quotes for custom length M12 X-Coded cables.

M12-to-RJ45 Ethernet Adapter

Part Number: CM12X-RJ45F

This is an adapter that converts from the M12 X-Coded connectors of RidePlayer to a standard RJ45F Ethernet connector.

Power Supply

Part Number: PSD24V20A

This supply is capable of providing RidePlayer with the recommended 24VDC/20A power source. It accepts an input between 100-240VAC and is designed to mount on a DIN Rail alongside the RidePlayer.