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Product Features

Audio Features

This product features a powerful 4-channel audio amplifier system complete with network status monitoring and control. The unit is equipped with an internal power regulation system to provide a continuous, optimal internal voltage to the amplifier over a range of input voltages from 18 to 50 volts DC. As a result, maximum audio power capability is maintained with varying input voltage. There is only an increase in required current at lower voltages.

The audio features are:

  • 4-Channel High-Power Amplification

    Load Non-Bridged (1% THD) Bridged (1% THD)
    2 Ohms ---- 500W
    4 Ohms 255W 290W
    8 Ohms 150W ----
  • 4x4 AES67/Dante Network Audio Input

  • Remote Configuration and Monitoring via Network or USB
  • Digital Gain Control

Physical Features

This product’s rugged solid-state design enables it to endure the harsh environments of coaster, dark ride, and applications. It offers flexible mounting options, industrial-grade connectors, DC power input, and a rock-solid chassis design.

Physical features include:

  • Rugged Vibration-Resistant Design
    • Coasters
    • Dark Rides
    • Parade Floats
    • Parking Trams
  • Rugged Locking Molex connectors
    • Power
    • Speaker Outputs
    • Amplifier Disable
  • M12 X-Coded Ethernet Connectors
    • Dante/AES67 Network Audio
    • Control and Status Monitoring
  • USB-C Interface for Configuration
  • Flexible Mounting Options
    • SMK - Single Unit Surface Mount Kit (included)
    • VSMKX1 - Single Unit Surface Mount Kit with Vibration Dampening
    • VSMKX2 - Dual Unit Surface Mount Kit with Vibration Dampening
  • 18-50VDC Power Input /w software monitoring and programmable low-voltage shutdown
  • Dimensions - 11.55”L x 7”W x 1.7”H (294.5mm x 177.8mm x 44mm)
  • Weight - 4.20lbs (1.9kg)