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Touch Panels

When your application requires touch panel support, our ShowTouch offer several software and hardware solutions. ShowTouch simply scans the network for Alcorn McBride devices, and is able to link to a specific device and panel that you have created within your WinScript project. It will then elegantly serve this touch panel interface within the attraction.

ShowTouch 7 (ST7)

This is a 7" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch 10 (ST10)

This is a 10" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch 17 (ST17)

This is a 17" ShowTouch panel with several mounting options available.

ShowTouch for iOS

This is a ShowTouch app for Apple iOS based devices. This app can be downloaded from the Apple store here.

Optional Parts

12G-SDI SFP Module

Part Number: SFP-12GSDI

This is a 12G-SDI SFP transceiver module that can be installed in the SFP socket of the BX-4KU module to transmit 12G-SDI via 1310nm single-mode fiber using a Duplex LC connector. We strongly recommend ordering these in pairs so that you ensure compatibility between the BX-4KU output and the end-point device (projector, mini converter, etc.)

U.2 NVMe Solid-State Drives

Part Numbers
U2SSD2TB 2TB Storage
U2SSD4TB 4TB Storage
U2SSD8TB 8TB Storage

Although the BX-4KU modules ship with a U2 NVMe SSD pre-installed, you always have the option of ordering spare drives. The models we offer have been extensively tested for compatibility and reliable playback performance within the BX-4KU.

U.2 NVMe-to-USB Interface

Part Number: U2AUSB

This adapter allows you to interface a computer directly to the U.2 NVMe drives used by the BX-4KU. Typically content is updated via Ethernet, but this offers an alternative option for transferring content that supports much faster transfer speeds.

This device supports USB-C connection for USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt support, but also includes a USB-A cable for backward-compatibility.

Replacement Parts

Power Supply

Part Number: PSBXACR

This is a complete replacement power supply for the BinloopX. It includes the power supply chassis, two power supply modules, and the wiring harnesses.

Power Supply Module

Part Number: PSBACX-MOD

This is a replacement module for the PSBACX power supply of the BinloopX. In the event one of these modules fails, the BinloopX will beep loudly to notify you. The defective power supply module can then be removed and replaced without powering off the product.