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Resource Names

Resource names are used by the controller to uniquely identify data within the script. To avoid any ambiguity, the following rules apply:

  • event resources without a name will be treated as the "Empty" event
    • all other resources without name will be ignored
  • resource names cannot start with a number
  • the following symbols are not allowed: ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) + = { } \ , " < > ' / ? ; |
  • a dot '.' indicates the resource is part of a larger resource. the name to the left of the dot is called the parent and the name to right of the dot is called the child
    • if the parent name is empty, the local device name will be used automatically
    • the parent must exist or the entire resource name is invalid
  • square brackets '[' and ']' are only used to access an element of an array
  • some names are reserved for a special purpose such as boolean values

Boolean Values

The following values are used to represent a boolean resource

True False
"on" "off"
"true" "false"
"yes" "no"
"enabled" "disabled"
"1" "0"