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Every resource in WinScript Live 6 can be documented further by adding comments. Comments are not read by the controller when loading the script.

Unlike resource names, which have many restricted characters, comments may include any characters or symbols including international character sets and emoji (😍🤩😍).

There are two types of comments in WinScript Live:

Resource Comments

Every resource in WinScript Live can have a comment associated with it. Anything contained in this comment is ignored by ScriptOS and does not affect show execution.

The "Comment" column in the grid view is the most common place to edit a resource comment, but there are a few ways to view and edit:

  • the last column in any of the resource grid views
  • at the bottom of the properties window when a resource is selected
  • in the edit dialog for the selected resource
  • using the find window (typically with "Find partial text" option checked)

Comment Lines

Comment Lines are lines that can be added within the main Sequences window, or within the Event View of a sequence itself to further organize your script. Because these lines can be indented, collapsed, and organized just like a sequence, they are extremely useful for organizing your list of sequences in large scripts.

To add a Comment Line, click the "Comment" button in your Sequence or Events window.

Comment lines are ignored by ScriptOS, and will not affect script execution, but it's worth noting that they do get assigned a row number within the WinScript Live GUI.