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Whether you're new to Alcorn McBride products, you've been writing show control scripts since the original V16 platform launched in 1986, or you joined in the fun somewhere in between, we want to welcome you to our greatest show control experience yet; WinScript Live 6.

Our mission at Alcorn McBride is to create innovative tools that empower attraction designers to build memorable experiences that last. Many of the tools we offer are bulletproof purpose-built products like the V16X, BinloopX, and RidePlayer that work together to form a scalable hardware ecosystem to meet the complex control and audio/visual needs of themed attractions. Our WinScript Live show control software serves as the front-end development environment that ties these products together into a seamless experience. Since the ecosystem easily takes care of challenging aspects like product integration and synchronization, designers can focus more on the creative experience of projects rather than worrying about how it's all going to work.

WinScript Live is a software application designed to run on any computer running Windows or macOS. During the installation phase of an attraction, this software is used to configure and program all of the Alcorn McBride equipment. When installation is complete, WinScript Live and the computer are no longer required. All configuration, programming, and media content is retained in the ultra-reliable Alcorn McBride hardware that is left behind to operate the attraction.

WinScript Live and the purpose-built products behind it leverage 37 years of experience designing solutions for themed attractions. The solid-state and rugged design of the products managed by WinScript Live will ensure years of 24/7 maintenance free operation which is essential to zero downtime for attractions. At Alcorn McBride, it is our passion to engineer solutions that are uniquely suited for themed entertainment. We hope that you love using our products as much as we enjoy designing them!