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Congratulations on your shiny new Alcorn McBride V16X Show Controller!

The V16X is designed to be the ultimate show control solution for attractions that demand precisely synchronized control between multiple systems.

One significant challenge with ride-based attractions is the ability to precisely synchronize on-board audio with offboard audio, video, lighting, animatronics, etc.
For these types of attractions, the V16X is intended to serve as the off-board synchronized control source. It works in tandem with RidePlayer, AV Binloop Uncompressed, and many other devices to ensure that both on-board and off-board systems are tightly synchronized.
This is accomplished by our state-of-the-art SyncCore synchronization system that can use one of several methods to maintain lock between products like the V16X and RidePlayer. These industry-standard methods include PTP (IEEE-1588), NTP, GPS, SMPTE LTC, and Video Genlock.

It’s also common for ride-based show control applications to require advanced communications with many different types of third-party equipment. This includes devices like the PLC systems commonly used for ride control, projectors, video players, audio players, audio DSPs, matrix switchers, motion controllers (animatronics), and much more. The V16X harnesses the power of the Alcorn McBride show control engine to easily integrate with many industry-standard devices and serve as the master show control system for themed attractions. This includes capabilities like using timelines to synchronize audio playback to SMPTE timecode or triggering complex playback routines via GPIO, Serial, or Ethernet commands. It even works in tandem with our ShowTouch apps and devices to provide intuitive touch panel controls that can be custom-made for the attraction.

All of this powerful technology is intuitively managed and configured using our license-free WinScript Live software. This software empowers you to create timelines to easily synchronize show elements such as on-board audio, wayside A/V playback, animatronics, special effects, and much more. With the help of our rock-solid Alcorn McBride hardware, WinScript Live allows you to take complete control of your attraction experience.

This product leverages 37 years of experience designing products specifically for themed entertainment applications. In true Alcorn McBride fashion, the solid-state and rugged design will ensure years of 24/7 maintenance free operation which is essential to zero downtime for attractions. At Alcorn McBride, it is our passion to engineer solutions that are uniquely suited for themed entertainment. We hope that you love using this product as much as we enjoyed designing it!