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These are the specifications of the RideAmp-250Q

Indicators Power/Fault
Network - Link/Activity
Audio - Signal/Mute
Status - Amp OK, Protect, High Temp, Clipping
Config Switches D1 - Factory Defaults
D2 - Firmware Update Mode
Network Control Amp Enable/Disable
Channel Mute/Unmute
Channel Volume
Channel Bridge Enable
Channel Polarity Set
Fault Alarm Read/Clear
Low-Voltage Shutdown Threshold
Indicator Mode and Brightness Controls
Reboot Unit, Reboot Audio Network, Restore Factory Defaults
Network Monitoring Internal Temperature
Fan Speed/Status
Audio Present
Channel Clipping/Fault/Warning
Channel Route Status
Input Voltage Level
Output Current Level
Audio Network Status (Comm/Sync State, Data Ready, Connectivity Info)

NOTE: RidePlayer, RidePlayerX, or a PC running the RideAmp Utilities software is required for Network Control/Monitoring via the audio network link.

Output Power 4 x Speaker outputs (1 x 8-pin Molex)
Non-Bridged Mode:
4 x 255W @ 4-Ohms (1% THD)
4 x 255W @ 4-Ohms (1% THD)
Bridged Mode:
2 x 500W @ 2-Ohms (1% THD)
2 x 290W @ 4-Ohms (1% THD)
Min Speaker Impedance Non-Bridged - 4-Ohms
Bridged - 2-Ohms
Network Audio 4 Input Dante/AES67 Interface (4x0)
100/1000 BaseT (2 x M12 X-Coded)
Internal Switch to support daisy-chaining RideAmp units
Gain Control Digital Control (Default -6dB)
External Disable Yes
Frequency Response 10Hz - 22kHz (+/- 1dB)
S/N Ratio >111dB (A Weighted)
Output Noise <85uV (A Weighted)
THD+N <0.006% at 1W into 4-Ohms and <0.01% to Clipping
Power 18-50VDC
48VDC @ 30A Max
48VDC Idle Current (Unloaded) - 225mA - Muted
48VDC Idle Current (Unloaded) - 450mA - Ready
24VDC @ 60A Max
24VDC Idle Current (Unloaded) - 450mA - Muted
24VDC Idle Current (Unloaded) - 900mA - Ready
Fuse 1 x 80V/40A ATO-FKH Blade Fuse
Dimensions 11.55”L x 7”W x 1.7”H (294.5mm x 177.8mm x 44mm)
Weight 4.20 lbs (1.9 kg)
Environment 0°C (32°F) to 38°C (100°F)
0-90% Relative Humidity
Mounting SMK - Single Unit Surface Mount Kit (Included)
VSMKX-1 - Single Unit Surface Mount Kit /w Vibration Dampening
VSMKX-2 - Dual Unit Surface Mount Kit /w Vibration Dampening
Compliance WEEE, RoHS

Block Diagram