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Product Features

Show Control Features

This product features the very powerful and flexible Alcorn McBride X-Series ControlCore. This enables the BinloopX to leverage the flexibility of timelines, triggers, advanced scripting capabilities, and touch-panel control. This also provides you with the capability to trigger A/V playback from standard control interfaces like digital inputs, serial, Ethernet, or SMPTE LTC.

The show control feature set includes:

  • Alcorn McBride X-Series ControlCore
    • Timeline Programming
    • ShowTouch Integration
    • Advanced Scripted Control
    • Media File Management
  • 1 x 1Gbps Network Control Port
  • 8 x CC/Voltage inputs
  • 1 x RS-232/RS-422 Serial Port
  • 1 x SMPTE LTC In/Out Interface
  • Integrated 4.3” TFT Display
  • Power Supply Monitoring

Synchronization Features

BinloopX is equipped with the Alcorn McBride SyncCore system to provide for extremely precise synchronization between the on-board and off-board systems. This technology uses several industry-standard methods to maintain a very precise clock between BinloopX and other SyncCore enabled products like the V16X and RidePlayer.

The supported synchronization methods include:

  • PTP (IEEE-1588)
  • NTP
  • GPS /w PPS Clock Input
  • Genlock

Physical Features

This product’s solid-state purpose-built design allows it to endure the heavy use that comes with running high-profile attractions. It offers 3U rack mounting, industrial-grade connectors, redundant power supply, and a rock-solid chassis design.

Physical features include:

  • Rugged Purpose-Built Design
  • 3U 19” Rack Mount
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Monitored Cooling System
  • 8 A/V Module Slots - See A/V Modules section for available options

Audio/Video Features

I’m terribly sorry to give you the run-around, but the audio and video capabilities of the BinloopX depend on which wonderful A/V Modules you choose to install in the 8 available A/V module slots. Here are the modules we currently offer for BinloopX:

A/V Modules
BX-4KU Video Playback - 1ch 4K/UHD, 4ch 2K/HD, 12G-SDI Coax & SFP, DisplayPort
BX-16A Audio Playback - 16ch, 64-Track Polyphonic Playback, 16x16 Dante/AES67, DSP