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Congratulations on your brand-new Alcorn McBride BinloopX!

BinloopX is designed to serve as a scalable and synchronous A/V playback platform that can be configured to suit the needs of any themed attraction. Since these needs can vary widely, the BinloopX offers a scalable 8-slot frame that can be outfitted with up to 8 high-quality audio or video playback modules.

Each BX-4KU video module is capable of sourcing up to 1 output of 4K/UHD or up to 4 outputs of 2K/HD uncompressed DPX video content. This includes 8-bit or 10-bit color depth with color gamut support for both Rec.709 and Rec.2020. This module offers several professional-grade video outputs including 12G-SDI SFP Fiber, 12G-SDI Coax, and DisplayPort. Multiple BX-4KU modules can be combined as needed to source larger canvases, such as 8K (or higher!) displays and LED walls.

Each BX-16A audio module is capable of sourcing up to 16 outputs of 24-bit 48kHz uncompressed audio. This includes 64 tracks of playback with the ability to route, mix, and crossfade between tracks on any of the available outputs. This allows for discrete playback of separate tracks like background music, vocals, and sound effects all mixed on a single audio output. Each output is also equipped with DSP capabilities like 7-band parametric EQ, Low-Pass, High-Pass, and several other filter options. Distribution is a piece of cake with the redundant 16x16 AES67/Dante network audio interface.

Any combination of these A/V modules can be installed within any of the 8 A/V module slots of the BinloopX. This means a single chassis can be scaled to provide anywhere between 16 to 128 discrete audio outputs, and anywhere from 1-32 discrete video outputs. Need more? Multiple BinloopX chassis can be easily combined and synchronized using the power of SyncCore and our V16X show controller.

No matter how great the quality is, A/V playback alone is far from being the only important feature for themed attractions. With show elements like audio, video, lighting, animatronics, special effects, and ride control; synchronization is typically the biggest obstacle for any type of ride-based attraction. To tackle this challenge, BinloopX incorporates Alcorn McBride SyncCore technology which uses multiple methods to ensure extremely precise synchronization with other show system components. These industry-standard methods include PTP (IEEE-1588/CIP Sync), NTP, GPS, SMPTE LTC, and Video Genlock. When used in conjunction with other SyncCore enabled products like RidePlayer and V16X, synchronizing even the most complex attractions is a breeze.

All of this powerful technology is intuitively managed and configured using our license-free WinScript Live software. This software empowers you to create timelines to easily synchronize A/V playback with other show elements. Whether you’re using digital input triggers, SMPTE LTC, ShowTouch panels, or our V16X show controller, the flexibility of WinScript allows you to take complete control of your A/V experience.

This product leverages 37 years of experience designing products specifically for themed entertainment applications. In true Alcorn McBride fashion, the solid-state and rugged design will ensure years of 24/7 maintenance free operation which is essential to zero downtime for attractions. At Alcorn McBride, it is our passion to engineer solutions that are uniquely suited for themed entertainment. We hope that you love using this product as much as we enjoyed designing it!